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Dear Valued Nicolai Diamant Customers,

As you may remember Nicolai Diamant SRL — headquartered in Massa Carrara, Italy — has been your supplier of your resin polishing tools marketed under the name “Excello” for your Breton SpA machine lines in the past.

Due to some corporate changes back in the 2013, the division related to the Bretonstone material was sold to the leaving partner Nicolai Primo. Upon leaving Nicolai Diamant, he continued this business with a new company (Nicolai Nest Srl) exclusively for 5 years. Therefore, this resulted in a suspension of production for Nicolai Diamant on this polishing tool.

As of January 1, 2019, the non-competition agreement that governed our agreement has expired. Once again, Nicolai Diamant has begun producing Fickert diamond sintered resin tools again, and other innovative diamond tools suitable for new materials in the Bretonstone segment and beyond.

However, this suspension in the last 5 years did not stop us from exploring and developing other resin tools for natural materials. In this time, Nicolai Diamant released GIOTTO for marble, a product that revolutionized polishing marble and ceramics.

Our engineers have been able to put together the past know-how that has led to the creation of the diamond Fickert the collaboration of the departments of Engineering and Chemistry at the University of Pisa with the new experience acquired.

With this diamond tool range, Nicolai Diamant’s brand has grown further in recent years with a direct presence in various markets and implementing a branch with a production facility and EDM service point in North America. Nicolai North America can be found in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as well as American Abrasive.

Together Nicolai Diamant Diamant and its subsidiaries can service North American customers more quickly than before since this CNC tool is made in the United States.

European, Asian, and other non-North American customers will continue to have direct contact with our HQ in Italy for their Fickert diamond resin tools needs.

Nicolai North America’s service team and technicians stands ready at your disposal to show you the Nicolai difference. We are more than happy to come to your shop and show you why this is the most effective solution for polishing marble and other ceramics with the best speed and most precision.

With that, it goes with saying our innovation cannot be stopped or tamed.

To learn more, contact us today or stop by Booth 4332 at Coverings 2019 from April 9 – 12 to see these CNC tools in person. Our team will be waiting for you!

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